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Did you notice the bamboo straw? I'm so glad I could finally get my hands on the #reusable bamboo straws.


My coworkers always ask about my sustainable lunches and I'm always happy to share! I've given people their very own bamboo straws to use throughout their day at their desks and they liked the alternative! Straws can be the worst culprit for garbage. They are so quickly used and thrown away. We have to make a change so that we are less wasteful and more intentional with our earth preserving actions. <3


Why use plastic utensils when you can use these ethically sourced, organic, sustainable utensils from @bamboo.roots?! I'm so happy I have these babies, they save me from having to use plastic while I'm out and about + at restaurants. Such a simple and easy way to be more mindful about my impact on the planet.


@bamboo.roots is a super cool, eco-friendly, local company who is making alternative products for the ones we use daily. It's the little things (star emoji). 


I've become more aware of how the environment is being destroyed and one of the main reasons is plastics. I've gotten my own bamboo cutlery so I don't have to use plastics on the go, I've gotten straws to use at restaurants and even my toothbrush is now bamboo! Bamboo is biodegradable so it doesn't stay in the landfills or oceans like plastics do. 


I can actually taste the plastic in my drinks when I visit restaurants so now I bring my own (bamboo) straws. 


Slaying the bamboo straw game! If you bite it by accident it doesn't hurt like a metal one. New staple to bring out with me and the ladies!


My one and only bamboo straw <3 I take this thing everywhere with me. I also try to spark conversation when people ask me why my straw is brown and not clear. 


Thanks very much @bamboo.roots for sending these lovely bamboo BPA-free toothbrushes across the Atlantic to me after I won your giveaway competition. They look great and I'm enjoying using them.


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